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Garra Rufa Fish

The Garra Rufa Fish also called "Doctor Fish" originates from Turkey.
They live and breed in the outdoor pools of some Turkish spas. The fish are now known in the world within the wellness treatments and their exceptional ability to cure peeling on specially feet. This treatment has been used in Turkey for more than 400 years.
The fish do not have any teeth and can therefore give you a ticklish feeling, and at the same time they exfoliate your feet and removes dead skin by just sucking and nibbing to your feet. They separate an enzyme called diathanol from their mouth cavity that stimulates the nervous system, increase the blood circulation and cure the skin.


15 min. Fishpedicure Kr 99.00
20 min. FishpedicureKr 129.00
30 min. FishpedicureKr 149.00
40 min. FishpedicureKr 179.00


1 person (30 min. Fishpedicure + 20 min. Foot massage)Kr 269.00
2 persons (30 min. Fishpedicure + a glas of champagne)Kr 349.00
Group - minimum 10 persons (20 min. Fishpedicure + a glas of champagne)/person kr 129.00

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